If you do not want heavy reading, there is a simplified version at the bottom of the page. This only covers information that is stored that relates to you. Info such as Commands, Translations, or other stuff that does not contain user information is not covered here.

Privacy Policy

Interstellar, the Discord Bot, does not by default permanently store user information. If the user ever saves settings via the User Dashboard, or if the bot encounters an internal error as the result of an action of a user, then we will store information.
We will never store anything sensitive, or not already public to anyone. You can request to have your data removed at any time by DMing Livaco#0420 on Discord.

While using the website, the website will actively communicate to the Discord Bot to get information.
The following is sent between the bot and website when you view the main page of the user dashboard:

When editing a guild, the following is sent:
None of this is stored permanently, and is only sent mainly for visual purposes.

When saving settings in the User Dashboard, we will store the following:
For actual settings, we save:
All of this is stored inside a MySQL database that only the website and bot have access to. The only human that has access is Livaco#0420, the developer, no one else. This system is not predicted to change.

In the event of an internal error the bot gets, we store this using a service called Sentry. Sentry stores the following: Here is a visual example of what we see
This is what we get whenever the bot does this

JDA, an API the bot uses, may cache data temporarily to allow for the bot to run faster. This is never stored permanently, and is purely there for optimisation purposes. If you wish to learn more about JDA, you may view it here: https://github.com/DV8FromTheWorld/JDA

Simplified for the average person:

We only permanently store any settings you set in the user dashboard, or some of your details if a command you run gets an error. We never store anything sensitive or not already public. We transfer some data between the bot and the website, but this is again already info that is already public, and this doesn't get stored permanently. JDA (the API the bot uses) caches user data to allow for faster processing of commands, but this is never permanent either.
Any user at any time can request their data to be removed by DMing me at Livaco#0420.

If you have any further questions, don't be shy to shoot over a DM to me at Livaco#0420.