This is a list of logos, tools and images we use to represent ourselves. This is not a definitive list, and we will not chase after you if you use it in a way we wouldn't, so don't worry. Interstellar's mascots all have their own backstories and characters, so read on through to find more.


As of Interstellar v3, Ryo has been the mascot logo of Interstellar. Ryo is the galaxy where Ulax and Vemox (see below) lived. Ryo is a purple spiral galaxy 150 thousand light years accross. In it's center is "Opaq", a supermassive blackhole with 350,000 solar masses.


Vemox is name of the "mascot" planet for Interstellar during it's v1 and v2. It's a fictional, purple gas giant, that originally started off as a rocky asteroid-like body in the early days of it's solar system's formation. A Gas Giant known as Lixa then collided with it. While Lixa was bigger in terms of radius, it's rocky core was very small, meaning the two merged into Vemox. Any debris from the collision ended up turning into a white ring, turning the planet into the logo we see in v1.

After a few million years, Vemox began taking on a more blue/dark-purple look. It's home star, Ulax, was dying. Ulax entered a supergiant phase. While Vemox was far enough away from the star to be safe, it's rings evaporated from the heat, while it's mass and radius begin decreasing. Ulax finally went supernova, ejecting some of it's mass into Vemox. This turned Vemox into a super-jupiter, becoming the planet we see in v2's logos and designs.

Vemox was abandoned in V3, the story being that the Ulax system collided with another system. This ejected Vemox from the system, causing it to roam space abandoned and forgotten, in permanent darkness.


Interstellar doesn't necessarily come with a strict color pallete, but here's what we do use, in both our Discord Bot and Website.


Bot Theme Color


169, 41, 230

Dominant Logo Color


140, 57, 177


Button Color


167, 90, 208

Background Color


16, 14, 28



255, 255, 255



0, 0, 0

TLDR: If your using purples or whites/blacks you're fine.

Logos (v3)

These are logos we used to represent Interstellar during it's current release, v3.



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Transparent Logo

Ryo without a background.

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Logos (v2)

These are logos we used to represent Interstellar during it's v2 release.


Post-Supernova Vemox.

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Transparent Logo

Post-Supernova Vemox without any background.

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Transparent Logo - Reduced Shadow

Vemox with a reduced shadow effect.

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Logos (v1)

These are logos we used to represent Interstellar during it's initial v1 release.


Vemox with stary background.

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Transparent Logo


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